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5/? Bling Edits: i’ll never get over your face


moorpanicjk asked: I watch your youtube videos! You make me crack up all the time... Your stuff about jonghyun... Yes. Just yesssss. Haha sorry. But yeah.. I just wanted to tell you that i think your a pretty cool dude and I'm happy that I found out you have a tumblr

I think you got the wrong person, haha! were you perhaps referring to the video in this post? if so, I only just giffed it. the person who posted/posts the videos is jaffneykiueen. he’s really funny and friendly so you can just send this message to him. sorry for confusing you and have a nice day!

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me: i’m home alone i can do anything i want
me: no one will ever know
me: *plays korean songs full volume*
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Infinity Challenge

81|100 photos of Jonghyun

TAEMIN 태민_’ACE’ Concept Video (by BeatBurger project).